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Here comes my new laptop Ultrabook Samsung

Aha… confused by what kind of laptop needed today!

There are quite a lot of laptop type, colour and spec out there.

When I first buying it, it thought it would be like my office laptop… lenovo.

But when i see samsung… wupse… i confused. New samsung laptop are quite goods. As despite the shape of the laptop become more slim… so slim that when you take it, it just like you bringing slim magazine.

As i writing down these post, I use samsung samsung Ativ series 5, which already in the form of ultrabook.

There are many form of ultrabook currently Samsung produced it.

But today, I came out buying samsung series 535U3X-A03, after confusing time between buying that and buying samsung Ativ series 9 as the series 9 is more new which have touch screen and voice order, and plus motion capture.

Actually the Ativ series 9 is goods, but the hard disk’s capacity was quite low: or SS128, whereas for series 5, the disk capacity was: 500 GB.

Oh ya, i actually also compared it with lenovo laptop products (hahahaha forgot the type of the product actually), this samsung series 5 and/or 9 actually have minus effect…. it’s doesn’t have DVD player…. But thats not the problem, when i purchase it, coz i think i will watch DVD via DVD player plug into tv. But at least, i hestitate about the DVD player, so I purchase external DVD player :D.

As I know i will have many data in my laptop, finally… here comes my new laptop Samsung series 535Ux-A03.

OCD (Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet)

Today is not the first day for me to diet.

Today, I try new diet methods, where its called: OCD or Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet. The method originally ancient chinese secret for dieting. If you curious what or who is Corbuzier, He is Indonesian famous magician :D.

Below is the summary of the diet method:

1) Fasting by limiting the meals time in which you could have any meals without considering the calories.

  • Stop Breakfasting or stop eating after you wake up from sleeping.

 If you wake up at 1.00 p.m and eats at 2.00 p.m, that’s not lunch… but its break fasting…. or eat after you wake up from sleeping Beb… 😀

  • From 24 hours; make a portion of of 8, 6 or 4 hours a days as your eating time.

For example if you eat at 12.00 pm, than your meals time will be from 12.00 pm to 8.00 pm (8 hours eating time).

If you eat at 12.00 pm, your meal time could be from 12.00 pm to 6.00 pm (8 hours eating time)

If you eat at 02.00 pm, your meal time could be from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm (4 hours eating time)

  • During your meas time, don’t become greedy about foods, but you could eat many times as long you feel hungry. But do not forget… Don’t become greedy.

2) Fasting for 24 hours or you eat only 1 times.

For example if you eat on Wednesday on 3 pm, that your next meals time will be on Thursday on 3 pm.

Schedule time:

  • On the first week, enter the 8 hours meals time without breakfast
  • interupting for 1 or 2 days in the first weeks to have 24 hours fasting
  • On the second week, enter the 6 hours meals time without breakfast
  • interupting for 1 or 2 days in the second weeks to have 24 hours fasting
  • On the third week, enter the 4 hours meals time without breakfast

or Another diet Schedule like:

  • On the first week,  enter the 8 hours meals time without breakfast
  • On the second week, enter the 6 hours meals time without breakfast
  • On the third week, enter the 4 hours meals time without breakfast
  • On the fourth week, enter 24 hours fasting once, where for the other days enter 4 hours meals time without breakfast
  • On the fifth week, enter 24 hours fasting twice, while combining pattern of 4 or 6 hours meals time without breakfast.

Notice that the best pattern is 4 hours meals time without breakfast  + twice or third for 24 hours meals time.

Other tips:

Don’t forget to take exercise in the morning before eating

Be persistence on the diet





How to save money

There are a lot thing to save money.

My way is to create several banks accounts based on the purpose, for example:

  1. to received from the employer for our salary
  2. As for landing saving money, which on monthly basis are transferred from bank account no.1, say 20% from the salary
  3. As for landing account for paying home credit

For bank account no.2 & 3, I usually don’t have to remember the pin for ATM. The proposed is not to get easily take the money from there.

My other way to save money, is to make daily budget for your daily spending.

I usually put my everday money in the envelope, where in the front page of the envelope, I usually put the day: sunday, monday, tuesday, etc…

I put certain amount of money at the same amount for each working day. Thereby, for every working day, I shall not spend money more the budgeted amount.

For non working day, usually i put smaller amount that working day amount, as i could save for the transport money.


Hi dude,

Have you ever fell that your worries consume you?

If you ever wanted to avoid worry? if yes, so don’t stew about the futures… just live each day untill your bedtime.

Just recognized that if you decide and act… please act stoplessly to not to be consume by worries.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living?

Try to get activities to consume your mind.

Ask yourself actually, what is the problem that making you become worries…

Ask yourself, if there are any possible solution? you could ask your friends, your parents to seek the solution.

Try to relax at home, at school or at your work.

If the worries comes from your work overload, it might be best if you rest firstly and set a time just to rethink what can I do to make the work more efficient but still effective.

Don’t permit little things that are the the mere termite of your life.

Pray is also the best solutions.

Don’t try to make even to people you don’t like. never waste time just to think of them.

Count your bless.

Anger, Hate & Haters

Anger and Hate sometimes come even when you do not want it…

Anger and Hate come even when you feel angry and hate about it…

Anger and Hate could comes and create humility, despise and other bad feeling…

Anger and Hate could increase and create revenged…

Anger and Hate, plus fear could comes in your night dreams… creeping in and create a cold sweat when you are sleeping.

I hate these anger, hate and fear….

I hate these that these consumed my confidence… my persistence… my stability…. my relationships and even my selves….

I have undergone these… I know the effect is reverse to me…



So now I learn…

I learn that anger… hate… could generate even higher anger and hate to someone else when I speak my anger… my hate…

I learn that when someone angry and hate me, that someone could even more angrier and hate me when i laugh….even small laugh

I learn that when I releasing my anger and hate by expressing it, it might could release me from my stress … from my frustration…… but and but could generate hate and anger to whom I released it.



So then I learn again…

I need to be forgiving….. And I also need to ask to be forgiven… even when my mistake is small… even when i did not realized my own mistake…

I need to learn how to close my mouth and realized that I could create even greater risk… greater anger and hate when I open my mouth…

I need to fight my own will to dishonor others…

I need to calm down when I communicate with others…

I need to have self-introspection for the thing I did it wrongly…

I need to stop my tongue and gulp my anger when negative emotion wave comes higher… and let agility, modesty, wisdom show more than what could be shown by grumble and complain.

And I still need to respect others…. save their face, and forgive them…

As I know that ” I will be judged with the same way I judged other people; I will be valued with the same standard I used to value others.”…. just like karma….



I write these just as reminder…. for my self….

As I also still learning….

As when hate could create hate… why not stop it when you realized it.

If they still hate you…

hmmmmmmmmmmmm… ignore it… as you already did what you think already the best.. ^^

Que sera… sera.. what ever will be… will be…




#Dear God please also forgive me.


Best friend or our close friend really really need deep commitment and risk…

The risk for friendship are:

  • they are important persons, quite enough qualified to influence our life.
  • need our significant present in bad and good times
  • we open ourselves to them, that it might hurt us

Some people try to protect themselves from being hurt by just not going into friendship, or having a lot of shallow friendship as the hurt created by one person didn’t feel so clear as having a lot of friends.

As being a good friend will create the above risks, the next questions is are you willing to get it?

I have only 8 good friend, which present in my bad and good times…. only small  amount… which i always feel thankful for their kind friendship.

Thank you guys… love you always….

It is the time to be a good friend, even with the risks

Stress-out? Try simple daily meditation

Have your mind always wondering on the behave that i should not do,  on the words that i should have not said?

Before these, I always feel worst each morning time when i got up, as many things have to be done, dizziness as i did not have a quite  enough sleeping times, bad colleages, or etc… These could make you feel worthless, burn-out, easily getting angry on small things that shouldn’t have….

Before, I feel that…… these worries, fear, angry, are my daily life wondering mind…

Then…., I hear someone says about meditations,…. so here i want to share with you my new meditations learning.

My new meditation learning method is simply just to make my mind keep silent for both positive and negative minds. Every morning, i will search for a quite and peace place to begin the meditations. I do these in manyways that make myself feel comfortable…. as simply as lying in bed, or when walking, or even when meet with someone i usually did not like.

You ask how? Hm… simply just by focusing on my own breathing… breathing in … breathing out… calculating one or two or etc for every breathing in or breathing out….

As soon as i focusing on my own breathing, i realized that sometimes my mind will get lost on counting the breathing, as a new (sometimes goods, sometimes bad) come up within my mind… so when i realized it, i will try again to focusing on my breathing even sometimes just by imagining the air was into my nose and to my lungs…from my longs into the nose and into the air….

Again and again…. simply by just focusing on my own breath….

I do these every morning after taking shower ….. when i am in a buss,…. when i am walking… when i just realized that i need to calm…..

I noted these when i do the meditations: my mind focus on only simple thing, i also realized my own mood just by focusing on breathing… (# do you know that when you simply not stress you breath slowly but sure… but when hate, jealos, angry, your breath will become faster…. and emotion get higher?)

As i knew my breath become faster,,…. I will be concious to stop the bad feeling and the bad moods…

Welll… it is worth to try… Good luck.